English Curriculum Vitae 한국어 이력서

Curriculum Vitae

current = May 2021.


A thoughtful computer programmer who pursue comfortable communication but does not overcompromise on quality. It past 3 years and so forth since I became a paid regular.


Interests (with experience)

Professional History

Service Engineer, Sep 2017 – current; currently 3 6/12 yrs.
Clova (🔗), Naver Corp., Rep. of Korea.

ℹ️ Clova (currently branded as capitalized “CLOVA”) is a series of AI-tech services (for customers, such as voice UI “assistant” with NLP) or solutions (for companies).

Service Engineer Intern, Jul 2017 – Aug 2017; 7 wks.
SmartEditor (🔗), Naver Corp., Rep. of Korea.

ℹ️ SmartEditor is a series of rich text editor component commonly used in web & mobile services from Naver.

A short project about the architectural pattern for mobile applications.

Graduate Research Intern, Mar 2017 – Jun 2017.
Theory and Formal Methods Lab., Korea University, Rep. of Korea.

TA for Theory of Computation (undergrad subject), Spring 2017.

Also did continue VERSA maintenance (described below).

Computer Rm Officer (Military Automation Systems Operator), Jul 2014 – Jan 2016.
in duty Apr 2014 – do.

During an achievement of legal duty in Rep. of Korea, I did these in army:

Undergraduate Research Intern, Sep 2013 – Apr 2014.
Theory and Formal Methods Lab., Korea University, Rep. of Korea.

ℹ️ ACSR is a process algebraic formal specification language, like CCS (Milner, R.) or CSP (Hoare, C. A. R.).

With VERSA (🔗), the toolset for ACSR, I did these:

Service Engineer Intern, Jan 2013 – Aug 2013; 2 mths.
DX team of Mabinogi (🔗), Nexon Korea Corp., Rep. of Korea.

ℹ️ Mabinogi is an online desktop RPG having > 10 yo.

Mabinogi Talk (Android 🔗), mobile IM app integrated with Mabinogi’s in-game chat service.

Mabinogi Master of Living (currently EOL; Android 🔗, iOS ⛓️), a mobile spinoff minigame from Mabinogi.


Bachelor of Enginneering. Feb 2017.
In undergraduate school, May 2011 – do.; includes 2 yrs off from school in 2014–2015 with military duties.
Dept. of Computer Science and Enginnering, Korea University, Rep. of Korea.

Completion of the National Common Curriculum of Rep. of Korea, Feb 2011.
per the legal 7th revised educational curriculum, enactment 1999.
In “selective 2” years, natural sciences track, Mar 2009 – do.
In “basic 10” years, Mar 1999 – Feb 2009.
Wansan High School, Rep. of Korea, Mar 2008 – do.

Research & Publication


Hyuk Lee, Eon Jeong, Jin-Young Choi. Schedulability analysis with Constraint Satisfaction Problem approach. Proceedings of KSC 2019, 2017. 12., 1611–1613. (DBpia 🔗)


Mostly being a consumer rather than a contributor; on the other hand, making some minor suggestions for the mainline as far as I can touch when it’s needed. Tend to focus on bugs, tuning, structure instead of new functionality.


auto-value-parcel (Google AutoValue extension) issue report (GitHub 🔗)




Opensourced java-optionalbp for Java SE 7 binaries GPLv2+CE compliant (GitHub 🔗)


Z3 issue report (GitHub 🔗, 🔗)


On conic-gradient polyfill by Lea Verou (GitHub 🔗)


CMake module contribution (FindBISON DEFINES_FILE: mail thread 🔗, 🔗; FindBISON VERBOSE: mail thread 🔗, 🔗)


On opensourcing chipdb by Matthew Sarnoff (🔗; GitHub 🔗)


K-9 Mail early Korean translation (GitHub 🔗)